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Mdm Waheeda Rahman bte Mohd Usoff
PSG Chairperson 2021
The Parent Support Group (PSG) comprises a group of parents who are committed and dedicated in playing an active role in supporting our children’s learning.

The PSG has played a significant role in supporting various school initiatives and programmes that contribute towards the holistic development of our children. Our members are involved in the planning of school activities and are engaged in carrying out segments of school events. The active involvement of the PSG has enhanced the partnership between parents and the school. 

I started serving in JYPS’ PSG in 2010 and I have really enjoyed interacting and spending quality time with the teachers and students in programmes that instill character-building and holistic development. I have witnessed my daughter, who is currently pursuing the next phase of her learning journey in Temasek Polytechnic, blossom as a leader of character from her P1 days. I will still continue to serve as the PSG Chairperson and I choose to continue to serve as my nephew and niece are now undergoing their primary school journey in JYPS.

I realised that my involvement in the PSG has allowed me to gain insights of the school curriculum and how I can help my child in her academic journey. Beyond that, I have gained a lot of learning experiences from the teachers and staff that I work with as well as students whom I had guided. Being in the PSG has allowed my team and me to witness how our teachers have worked hard in planning various programmes and events for our children. We also have the privilege to contribute our ideas and insights which are greatly valued by the school to further improve the way the programmes and events are planned and carried out. 

Most important of all, being a part of PSG has also allowed me to forge strong bonds with other parents and many of us have formed close ties and friendships. We learn and share with one another our knowledge and experiences to enhance our parenting skills. It is truly an enriching experience being a part of the JYPS PSG family