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New Post and Photographs!

Dear Parents,

We have a new posts on Buddy System and Total Defence Day 2019! Go check it out!

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Junior Sports Academy

Parents' Nomination Invitation for Junior Sports Academy (JSA) Selection Trial 2019.

MOE will be conducting the selection trial for interested P4 and P5 students for the Junior Sports Academy (JSA) in March 2019. Schools will be nominating suitable students for the selection trial. However, if you wish to nominate your child for the selection trial, you may also do so by completing the attached 'Parent's Nomination Form' (Annex A) and return it to the school by Thursday, 21 February 2019.

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Modern Parent Series

HPB is launching a series of educational articles for parents, which include topics such as nutrition, physical activity, mental wellness and even sleep! 

For a start, we have attached two articles on (1) Managing Transition and (2) Sleep - these articles aim to help parents learn the right skills, lifestyle habit changes during the transition phase, and important sleep tips. 

They can be located in the Parents' Portal > Modern Parent Series.

We hope that parents will benefit from them!

Parents Curriculum Briefing Slides 2019

Dear Parents,
The Curriculum Briefing slides 2019 is now available.
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Thank you!