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General Matters 

What are the schools operation hours?
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What are the opening hours of school gates? 
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What if I want to meet a staff member of the school? What must I do?  
     i. In the interest of security, the school does not encourage anyone to come into the school premises unnecessarily.

    ii. All visitors to the school need to sign in at the Guard Post (Side Gate 1) to obtain a visitor pass and report to the General Office before proceeding to any part of the school premises. All visitors are required to put on the Visitor’s Pass while on the school grounds and return the pass at the guard post before leaving.

    iii. Parents who wish to meet the teachers/staff members need to make an appointment with the respective teacher(s) by calling beforehand (Tel: 67830375) or through email (junyuanps@moe.edu.sg).  If you have an appointment with a teacher/staff, please enter only via the main gate and sign in at the guard post.

    iv. Parents who wish to pick their child early must report to the General Office to sign their child out.

Finance Matters 

How much is the school fees and miscellaneous fees?
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How do I know if my child is entitled for Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)?
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Where can I find out more about CCAs and related CCA matters in Junyuan Primary School?
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Use of School ICT Equipment 

What are the ICT Equipment that the school provides for the students?

    - Computing devices like laptops, desktop PCs and tablets are available for students to use on daily basis. These computing devices are used to support your learning in school and internet access allows you to share resources and interact with people from all over the world. For more details, please refer to page 24-28 of Pupils Diary 2019.

Mobile Devices 

Can my child bring handphone to school?

    - Pupils are NOT ALLOWED to bring their mobile devices to school. However, parents can write in to the Form Teacher for permission. Permission would be granted, in consultation with that HOD/Student Mgt, only for VALID REASON on a case-by-case basis. For more details, please refer to page 16 of Pupils Diary 2019.