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Inquiring Learners, Responsible Scientists for the Future


Junyuan Primary is committed to ignite the passion in the learning of Science and equip our inquisitive learners with critical thinking and reasoning skills.  Our students are committed in their pursuit of scientific knowledge and skills and are guided to develop good ethics and attitudes.  We strive to nurture thinkers who will acquire scientific knowledge, skills and values to advance their understanding of the world.


Science for Curious Minds


The Science Department strives to provide our pupils with learning experiences to form scientific concepts using a ‘hands-on’, ‘minds-on’ approach aligned to the Inquiry Science Teaching. Our pupils acquire scientific literacy when they explore their natural environment and make connections to the real world through problem-solving and experimentation. We also encourage discovery learning at the different learning spaces on our school premise.



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The following key programmes support our curriculum objectives:

Learning Journeys and Workshops

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The 'hands-on, minds-on' Experiential Approach to learning Science through learning journeys and workshops will be part of Science learning for the P3 and P6 pupils. The learning journeys and workshop is linked to a theme that is covered in the Science Curriculum. Through these learning journeys, pupils are immersed in environments that allow them to observe and explore living organisms or science processes up close. It strengthens pupils’ concepts learnt in the various topics and enriches their learning experiences beyond the classroom to make learning meaningful and authentic. 

  • P3: Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom - Diversity of Living Things (Term 1)
  • P6: Adaptations Workshop and Pasir Ris Park Fieldtrip – Interactions: Habitats and Adaptations of Living Things (Term 3)

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To enable our pupils to gain a measure of their own achievement on a national/ international setting as well as to provide pupils, parents and teachers with an insight of their strengths and areas for improvement, selected pupils in Primary 5 participate in the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (facilitated by NUS High School for primary schools in Singapore). The competition assesses our pupils on the different cognitive skills for the subject.
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Science Club

The Science Environmental Club CCA develops our pupils to become scientific literate individuals and learners with a keen interest and love for the subject. Our members are given opportunities to engage in hands-on science investigations that support exploration and stimulate curiosity in Science. These activities also involve caring for the environment and contributing back to society. The club also takes part in numerous environmental activities and challenges at national platforms.

Overseas Learning Journey

The Primary 5 Overseas Learning Journey to Chiang Mai provides an opportunity for the students to experience, learn as well as interact with their peers through a 2-day school immersion programme in Ban Loungnuae School (A Learning School to Sustainable Life). It also provides pupils with the opportunity to learn about the local culture, lifestyle and appreciate the diversity of Chiang Mai. This will enrich the educational experiences of pupils and to develop the skills of team-building and independent learning.