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Cultivating a vibrant learning environment in the Arts.


Arts Alive!

In Junyuan Primary School, Arts Education forms an integral part of the curriculum as we aim to craft a more balanced and holistic education for all pupils. We believe that pupils should be exposed to and appreciate the art and culture.

Through our Art and Music curriculum, pupils will progressively acquire knowledge and skills in performance arts (music, dance, storytelling, drama), visual arts (craft, drawing, painting) and digital art. Each pupil will be given opportunities to perform to showcase their talents through various platforms.

Apart from formal art and music periods, Arts Education is also infused in English, Mother Tongue, Music, Art and PAL/SHINE lessons, as well as through CCAs like Malay and Chinese Dances, Choir and Art Club, as well as other school events. Music performances and Art fringe activities are also conducted during recesses to promote a love for the arts.

Arts education will build the confidence and raise the self-esteem of our young. We have seen how it has helped pupils realise their potential and talents. It also cultivates appreciation of the richness of his/her own culture and sensitivity to other cultures.

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