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Malay Language


To equip our pupils with linguistic skills so that they are able to imbibe values and appreciate accumulated knowledge and wisdom contained in our cultural heritage.


Effective and confident communicators with love and passion for the Malay language and culture.


Active Learners, Proficient Users

The Malay Department adopts an integrated approach, which exploits various resources to help the pupils read, write and communicate effectively in the Malay Language. Teachers use innovative methods to enhance the learning of the Malay Language. To keep abreast with the latest development in teaching, teachers would be attending courses and workshops regularly.

Our Malay Department Programmes

Learning Journeys

Primary 1: Singapore Zoological Gardens

2: Wet Market & Supermarket

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight (ML)

This is a new initiative by MOE which aims to immerse pupils in various activities related to the Mother Tongue Languages. It aims to provide authentic opportunities for pupils to use MTL and experience the associated culture.

MTL Fortnight @ JYPS allows pupils to learn MTL through a more relaxing medium. They would have the chance to be exposed to MTL in a new way that is different from that of the classrooms. A wide range of activities related to the Chinese and Malay languages and cultures would be conducted for the Chinese Language and Malay Language pupils respectively. 

Primary 1: Speech & Drama Workshop

Primary 2: Malay Dance

Primary 3: Poetry Recitation

Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme (CCM)

The CCM programme teaches the pupils languages other than their mother tongues to strengthen bonds among students of different races and to enable them to operate comfortably in the region. Students are taught how to string together basic sentences for everyday use, such as how to introduce themselves, greet others and count.





Malay Language Book Fairs ( Termly )
Malay Language And Cultural Quiz ( Termly )
Assembly programme - Hari Raya Celebration
Malay Language Workshop for Parents

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