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Malay Language


Effective and confident communicators with a love and passion for the Mother Tongue language and culture


To equip students with linguistic skills so that they are able appreciate the values, knowledge and wisdom contained in our cultural heritage


Joyful Learners, Proficient Users

The Malay Language Department adopts an integrated teaching approach, which taps on various resources to help students read, write and communicate effectively in the Malay Language. We hope to make Malay Language learning an enjoyable experience so that students will develop an abiding interest in learning Malay Language, and continue to use it in their daily lives.

Our Malay Department Programmes

Mother Tongue ALP Programme – Confident Communication using Malay Language

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) on Confident Communication helps students appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in their Malay Language lessons and speak the Malay Language confidently.

At Junyuan Primary, ALP Programmes for Confident Communication using Malay Language consist of:
  • P1 Speech and Drama Programme
  • P2 Speech and Drama Programme
  • P3 Malay Storytelling
  • P4 Presentation Skills in Malay Language
  • P5 Malay Language Journalism Programme

P1 and P2 Speech and Drama 
Our department aims to nurture students to be confident communicators to help them acquire the skills and dispositions required for the 21st century. 
Our aims are to: 
  • Develop confidence communication through drama, songs, Malay poetry recitation and storytelling activities.
  • Improve socialization and oral communication skills via conversation and role-play. 
  • Raise social awareness and encourage collaboration learning with others through group performance on stage. 

Students attended Speech and Drama programme to learn techniques and skills necessary for effective communication. They are engaged in fun activities such as role-play, singing aloud, storytelling, and props performance. Through the programme, students could experience the joy of learning Malay Language and learn more about teamwork as they cooperate with other classmates.

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P5 Malay Journalism Programme 
Our P5 students participated in the Malay Journalism Programme to help them understand what it takes to report on an event and to provide hands on opportunities for them to record their reporting and interviews. Through this programme, the Malay Language department hope to build confident speakers who are able to report on the happenings of an event and interview their peers. Students wrote out their reporters’ scripts in teams and brainstormed interview questions through the guidance of the instructors and teachers. They had an enriching learning experience as they reported on the P5 NE Show and interviewed their classmates. 

Malay Language and Cultural Programmes

The Mother Tongue Department organizes programmes among the different levels to enhance students’ learning in their Malay Language and to help them better appreciate the Malay culture.

P3 Cultural Camp
P3 Cultural Camp is a day camp held within curriculum hours for P3 students who are learning Malay Language. The aim of the camp is to expose students to the Malay culture by letting them participate in a wide range of cultural activities. In the process, students deepen their understanding of their own cultures through a myriad of fun and educational activities. It also enhances students’ interest in learning their Mother Tongue through participation in various activities.


P4 – P6 Mother-Tongue Fortnight Programme
The Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme is an initiative by MOE, which aims to immerse students in various activities related to the Malay Language. It aims to provide authentic opportunities for students to use Malay Language and experience the associated culture.

The MTL Fortnight Programme allows students to learn Malay Language through activities and games. They have the chance to enjoy the language in a different way. A wide range of activities related to Malay language and culture are be conducted for the Malay Language students in the programme.

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MLLPC Cultural Programme Exposure Fund Scheme (CPEF)
Awang Batil @ Teater Kami
The objective of the Cultural Programme Exposure Fund Scheme is to enhance students' interest in Malay Language and Culture through attendance at Malay cultural performances at public performing arts venues. Through this initiative, the students will have expanded opportunities in enjoying theatre experience and fostering a lifelong theatre patronage to cultural performances. In the process, we also hope that they will learn and appreciate the beauty of the Malay Language and culture. 

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Awang Batil 2.jpeg
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P1 and P2 Songket and Batik Appreciation 
Through the Songket and Batik Appreciation lesson, students are exposed to and immersed in the Malay Art and cultivate an interest in the Malay Language and culture. 
The lesson was conducted by the teachers during the Malay Language curriculum time in Term 4. Students are taught how to make bookmarks and coasters using the Songket and Batik fabric.


P4 Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme (CCM)

The CCM programme teaches the students languages other than their mother tongues to strengthen bonds among students of different races and to enable them to operate comfortably in the region. Students are taught how to string together basic sentences for everyday use, such as how to introduce themselves, greet others and count.


MOE Excel Fest 2019
The Malay Language Department were invited to show case our winning MOE Innergy (Schools) Award 2018 - Enhancing Teachers Engagement and Students’ Thinking in Malay Language through Visible Thinking Routines (VTR) at the MOE ExCEL Fest 2019 on 28 to 29 May.

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Ujana Bahasa dan Budaya @ TWCC
In celebration of Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month), a group of P4 and P5 students participated in the Ujana Bahasa & Budaya 2019 @ TWCC. The full day event comprises of interactive booth engagements manned by media giants like Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp.

Rakan Bahasa @ JYPS
As part of Bulan Bahasa, the Rakan Bahasa initiative is organised by the Malay Language Council to encourage students who are passionate about the Malay Language and culture, to spread the love of the language to their peers, friends and families.
Muhammad Anas Uzairyll and Syadiyah Adriana were appointed to be Rakan Bahasa 2019. Apart from being role models, they had to complete Kembara Rakan Bahasa, a mission card where they had to complete tasks that tested their language proficiency and skills such as speaking and writing skills. They also took part in Newsmaker Competition where they had to record themselves presenting on artefacts found in Malay Heritage Centre by using an app.

National Malay Writing Competition 2019
The National Malay Writing Competition aims to nurture budding young writers. The competition encourages young writers improve their writing craft and enhance their literary understanding, thus providing a platform for like-minded students who are passionate about writing to meet and mutually develop their interests.

Muhammad Hariz Martin
Gold Finalist 
Nabilah AisyahGold 
Shakira FalishaSilver 
 Nurnella DelunaBronze 
Ayra Putri Bronze


1. iMTL Portal
The iMTL portal is a web-based, interactive Mother Tongue Languages Portal which supports the teaching and learning of Mother Tongue Languages  in schools.
The iMTL Portal offers a wide range of tools and resources to promote collaboration and interaction between students, and between teachers and students. It seeks to create an immersive MTL learning environment that integrates the learning of MTLs with students’ daily lives.

2.  Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Online Dictionary