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Every pupil is an effective and confident communicator with a love for the English Language


Good English Matters!




STELLAR stands for Strategies in the Teaching of the English Language Learning and Reading.  Central to the STELLAR programme is reading, and anchored through the wide variety of interesting books, are the teaching of the various language skills as well as the development of social skills such as teamwork and opportunities for pupils to work independently.  Through this programme, pupils have become avid readers and are more proficient, and confident, EL communicator.

Applied Learning Programme

“I Am a Confident Communicator”

Every Junyuan pupil will be equipped with skills and dispositions for the 21st century in the area of confident communication via the implementation of specific programmes for the whole school and customised programmes for selected pupils.

  • Show & Tell and Speech & Drama via Moo-O (P1)

  • Show & Tell and Speech & Drama via Moo-O (P2)

  • Storytelling via Storyboard (P3)

  • Producing an Instructional Video (P4)

  • Group Public Speaking / Basic Journalism (P5)

  • Individual Public Speaking (P6)

Junyuan Broadcast @ Studio 91

Pupils are provided with opportunities to broadcast current events, upcoming school events, share their personal stories of the events they experienced in the school or outside school or even interesting information or facts on the various subjects that they had learnt in school. This opportunity provides pupils to learn collaborative in an authentic environment as they get to prepare scripts about current issues or topics and speak to "real audience" - their peers.


Roving Reporters
Pupils are given the opportunities to take on the role as reporters. They write their own scripts and report on school events. They also get to interview teachers, parents and pupils to find out how they feel about the event. To be able to think on your feet, remain poise and confidence when the camera rolls could be nerve wracking but our pupils rise to the occasion.

The following are some roving reporters in action during the P5 Overseas Learning Trip to Brunei and Hari Raya Concert.

2018 Hari Raya Concert

2017 P5 Overseas Learning Trip to Brunei




Ask Me To Read (AMTR)

To develop and maintain a vibrant school library and reading culture, our department rides on this AMTR programme where teachers promote books of different categories during pre-morning assemblies once a month. Teachers will encourage pupils to borrow books of a particular category shared.


Library Festival

During Library Festival, pupils can look forward to playing games that are tied to a theme during recess at the library. Games were also conducted in their Mother Tongue languages. We hope to spark pupils' curiosity about the wonderful world of books through these exciting activities.

In year 2017, the theme was on “Pirates”. Pupils had a chance to play games such as “Unscramble Me!”, “Solving Codes” & “Guess Me!”. This year, the theme will be on the “World of Magic” and pupils can look forward to playing games such as “Words Explosion”, “Tongue Twister”, “Spin and Win”, “Harry Potter Themed Card Game”, “Fishing for Magic Books”

2018 Library Week - “The World of Magic

2017 Library Week - “Pirates”

English (library week).jpgEnglish (library week 2).jpg

English (library week 3).jpg

Partnership with NLB for Whole School Reading Programme

We have been collaborating with the National Library Board in promoting reading in our school. Apart from Books2Go and Assembly Talks like Storytelling and Book Buzz. Some pupils also took part in the Kids’ Lit Quiz co-organised with POSB and Read for Books which is a charity book drive.

Book Buzz


Assembly Talks - Storytelling


Kids’ Lit Quiz

english(kids lit quiz).png
english(kids lit quiz 2).png
english(kids lit quiz 3).png

Reading Journey (P1)

This is a programme to encourage our P1 pupils to read widely. Pupils read to our Parent Volunteers, complete a short and simple review based on the books that they have read and share them with the Parent Volunteers. These reading sessions have proven effective in promoting reading amongst our young ones. Reading sessions are conducted weekly during LIP periods in the library.

Enhanced Library Instruction Programme (P2 - P6)

The programme is carefully designed to expose pupils to varied genres as well as to make reading meaningful through engaging pupils in different reading-related activities when they visit the school library.

At P2 and P3, we expose pupils to different genres such as fiction, fairy tales, humour, non-fiction / endangered animals and amazing facts. While from P4 - P6, pupils are engaged in book hunt sessions where they hunt for non-fiction books in the school library. They will then write or draw a book summary, create word splash, fact sheets on a particular topic they choose to work on. These activities aim to heighten pupils’ awareness and development of visual and discipline literacy in non-fiction texts.  

Book Flood (P1 – P6)

A set of books is available in P1 – P3 classroom to encourage every pupil to read widely and frequently.  The pupils also take the books home to read to their parents. This allows for bonding between the child and parents through such a meaningful activity. P4 – P6 pupils also borrow books from the school library for their silent reading daily.

MOE Reading Support Programmes (P1 - P4)

Pupils who require further support in reading are enrolled into the following programmes according to their needs.

  • Learning Support Programme (LSP) a.k.a. Rainbow Classes (P1 & P2)

  • Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) (P3 & P4)

  • School-based Dyslexia Remediation (SDR) Programme (P3 & P4)