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Character & Citizenship Education


'Leaders of Character and Concerned Citizens'


'To nurture every child in a gracious environment'


'We Care & Every Child Matters'


'We want our pupils to be Leaders of Character and demonstrate our Character Values - EnR³ICHExcellence, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony.  Pupils should also be effective in managing themselves, relationships, have self and social awareness and be able to make responsible decisions'


Buddy System

The first few days of school can be an exciting yet daunting experience for many Primary 1 students. To help ease them into the school environment, JYPS has a buddy system which pairs every Primary 1 student with a Primary 5 student. This system has helped the new students gradually adapt to the rigours of our school. The Primary 1 students also learnt how to take care of themselves in school during the Buddy Programme.

Pupils’ Reflections about the Buddy Programme

“I brought my buddy around the different food stalls and places in the school. We also went to the field to play “Catching”. We played “Magnetic Game” at the Junyuan Village too! It was very fun and enjoyable.”

Shannen See (5 Harmony)

“I was very happy that I have two buddies. From this Buddy Programme, I learnt how to take care of my younger brother at home.”

Cai Xuan Xi (5 Responsibility)

“I helped my P1 buddy to buy food and also taught her how to count the money returned to her.”

Rizqah (5 Compassion)

“I played “Catching” with my buddy. I like my buddy.”

Dhya Narysa (1 Responsibility)

“We played with our buddies. Our most favourite place in school is the field!”

Naila and Sharia (1 Respect)

All in all, smiles and happiness were abound during the programme and friendship bonds were established between the Primary 5 ‘Big Brothers and Sisters’ and their Primary 1 counterparts.

Happy Times during recess

buddy 1.jpgbuddy 2.jpg

buddy 3.jpgbuddy 4.jpg

We learnt how to buy food from our friendly stallholders.

eating 1.jpgeating 2.jpg

eating 3.jpg
eating 4.jpgeating 5.jpg

eating 6.jpg

We have to wash our hands before and after meals.

wash hands 1.png

We should return our cutlery to the correct stall after eating.

putting plates 1.jpgputting plates 2.jpg

Total Defence Day(TDD) 2019

Total Defence Day falls on 15 February each year to commemorate the fall of Singapore during WW2. The theme for this year is “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. The teachers and students were able to resonate with this year’s TDD message through exposure to the Five Pillars of TDD during the fringe activities held during recess from 13 February 2019 to 15 February 2019, CCE lessons and mass assembly shows. Through the two different assembly shows, students were taught how to defend themselves against cyberattacks on common social media platforms and how to identify fake news.

As part of the fringe activities, the Singapore Police Force were invited to our school to interact with our students on 14 February 2019. Students got to examine the interior of a police car and try on bullet-proof vests provided by the Home Team. During the fringe activities, students were also given the opportunity to strengthen their commitment to Total Defence by participating in the TDD pledge-taking and a quiz about TDD. They also learnt some basic first-aid and played different TDD roles in the Defence Heroes Photo Booth. Lower Primary pupils were engaged through “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”, a twisted tale of how the wolf was maligned due to fake news, by our very own, and very talented storyteller, Ms Nisha.

For the very first time in Junyuan’s history, the TDD message was shared via a broadcast from Studio 91 on 15 February 2019 by our Principal, Miss Chiam. The message, from Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, stressed that cyber-security threats and disinformation are a serious danger to Singapore, and emphasised the need to be vigilant against them. To cap the commemoration, the school was engaged in an evacuation drill to emphasis the need to be always prepared for an emergency.  

paper pledge.jpg

We pledged to keep Singapore strong!

children with police car.jpg

The children were greatly excited at the opportunity to view a police car up close

children with police man.jpg

Let's experience what it is like to put on a bullet-proof vest and protective helmet!

tdd quiz.jpg

The pupils learnt about the 5 Pillars of Total Defence and how to use a bandage correctly.


A treat to an animated Storytelling session during recess.

children in costumes.jpg

Our dreams will help us to keep Singapore Strong!

PSG with costumes.jpg

Parents from the PSG trying out the Defence Heroes costumes!

Other programmes:

  • Orientation programme on the first 2 days of the year
  • Social and Emotional Learning through Form Teachers' Guidance Period
  • Values Education & Linguistic Skills (VELS)
  • Growing Years Series on Sexuality Education (P5 & P6)
  • P1/P4&P5 Buddy programme
  • Assembly programme on character development and lifeskills
  • Road Safety programme
  • Motivation Workshop (P5 & P6)
  • Counselling programme
  • Workshop/Talks on transition to secondary school
  • Family Matters @ School programme for parents and pupils in support of our character education programme
  • Values in Action (ViA) programme
  • Field-based learning journeys on citizenship education
  • National Education core events (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, National Day)
  • International Students' Integration programme
  • Special Needs programme for pupils with Learning needs
  • Temasek Polytechnic-BP Tutoring & Mentoring Programme (P2 & P3)
  • MENDAKI Youth-in-Action programme for at-risk pupils (P4 - P6)
  • Leadership programme for ALL pupils
  • Overseas Educational Tour for P6 pupils
  • Overseas Leadership trip for CCA and Student leaders.


  • Model pupils of the term
  • MOE Edusave Character Award (ECHA)
  • MOE Edusave Awards for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) award for outstanding contribution and leadership
  • JYPS Character award
  • Leadership roles e.g. Prefects, Class Monitors, Subject Monitors etc

All the programmes planned by the Character & Citizenship Education Department ensures that by the end of 6 years in JYPS, every pupil will be able to:

*be able to distinguish right from wrong
*have learnt to share and put others first
*be able to build friendship with others
*have a lively curiosity about things
*take pride in their work and 
*have cultivated healthy habits 
*love Singapore