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CCA Group

Co-Curricular Activities Group

 1. Objectives of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Group in JYPS

The JYPS CCA Programme provides students with a platform to discover their interests and talents and develop themselves holistically across all domains. 

Our Physical Sports CCA groups develop resilience, fair play and team spirit in pupils through developing their sports-specific skills so that they can appreciate and enjoy playing the game. They will also have the opportunity to train and condition themselves towards competitive play in the annual National School Games. 

Our Visual and Performing Arts groups instill in our pupils a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of our multi-racial & multi-cultural society. 

Our Uniformed Groups instill citizenship in our pupils by inculcating in them self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others. 

Our Clubs and Societies allow our students to explore and extend their interests in information, communication and subject-specific skills as they strive to grow their mastery in these specialised areas. 

Our CCAs offer excellent platforms for students to acquire core values, social and emotional competencies and the emerging 21st Century Competencies. Through active participation in these CCAs, our pupils develop a sense of identity and belonging to Junyuan Primary School.  

2. JYPS CCA Department Overview

2.1 List of CCAs 

Physical Sports
Visual and Performing Arts GroupsUniformed GroupsClubs and Societies
FloorballChinese DanceScoutsDrama Club
VolleyballMalay Dance
Info Comm Club
TaekwondoInternational Dance  Library Club
TchoukballChoir  Science Environment Club
 Music Interest Club  
 Visual Art Club  

2.2 Selection of CCA

All P3-P6 pupils are strongly encouraged to participate in at least 1 CCA of their choice. 

All P3 pupils will be given an option to participate in 1 CCA if they wish to. 

All P2 pupils will go through the Talent Identification Programme (TIP) in Semester 2 to allow them to try out activities related to the Physical Sports and the Performing Arts domain. Pupils who show potential to further develop themselves in the specific CCA will be given an option to join.

Parents who would like their P1 pupils to join a CCA will need to write in to SH/PE or SH/Aesthetics at junyuan_ps@moe.edu.sg