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Vision, Mission & Core Values


Future-Ready Learners, Leaders of Character


Nurturing Every Child in a Vibrant and Caring Environment where Talents Blossom

Desired Junyuan Outcomes 

  1. Self-Directed Learners
  2. Confident Communicators
  3. Adaptable Individuals
  4. Gracious and Active Citizens

The School Values can be easily remembered using the acronym ICH , which stands for:
Respect . Responsibility . Resilience . Integrity . Care . Harmony

The Student Creed

I am Special, Valuable and Important.
I will show respect to others.
I will be commited and sincere in everything I do.
I will be well-behaved at all times.
I will keep on learning and use what I have learnt to improve myself.
I will cooperate and work joyfully with others to achieve excellence.
I will make the best use of my time between work and play and lead a healthy lifestyle.
I will show care for others and love Singapore.
In line with our national goal - Thinking Schools and Learning Nation, the following principles guide the school's plans and activities:
- An Active Learning Organisation
- Developing Right Attitudes in Pupils
- Towards Innovation and Creativity
- Improving School Resources