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School Information

Junyuan Primary School is an English-medium government school. Our school adopted the name from the Choon Guan Primary School that was renamed Junyuan Primary School in Jun 1986 and closed in Dec 1986. The name Junyuan Primary School was subsequently revived and opened in the current site at 2 Tampines Street 91 in January 1988. The school was officially opened on 2 September 1989 by Mr Yatiman Yusof, the former Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC. When the school started, it functioned as a single session school with 20 classes, an enrolment of 620 and a teaching staff of 29. The school has since grown in pupil enrolment and teaching strength. With its good academic and non-academic track records, it has established itself as one of the choice schools in Tampines. 

With the completion of PRIME (2008-2009), the school now boasts of an Indoor Sports Hall, a huge, well-ventilated multi-purpose hall, spacious classrooms and specially designed special rooms.  The improved facilities allow the school to embark on programmes that are customised to meet the learning needs of our pupils.  The 'white spaces' around the school are also carved out for learning stations, equipped with murals, displays and manipulative objects for pupils to participate in experential learning outside the classroom.

With the enlarged classroom spaces, teachers could now creatively use different and wide range of pedagogical strategies, e.g., group work and role play, to engage our pupils.  The enhanced and improved facilities brought immense benefits and huge potential for growth to the school.  The new campus was officially opened by Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of State and Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC on 1st April 2011.