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Dear Parent Support Group Chairpersons/ Parent Representatives,
“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”
Brenda Nixon

As the March school holidays are coming round, we hope you will encourage the parents in your school community to spend quality time building their children’s memories for tomorrow. Retired Principal Mrs Jenny Yeo shares some parent-child bonding tips and stories of how parents take the time to bond with their child. We have also suggested some activities which will help you support your child’s learning in fun and engaging ways.
Help your children think about Singapore in the future at ‘The Future of Us’ exhibition during the holidays. The event showcases possibilities of how Singaporeans can live, work, play, and learn in the future.

 Science comes alive for your children at the Science Centre’s ‘Monsters of the Sea’ exhibition. The exhibition features legendary sea creatures like the Kraken, Loch Ness Monster, and Chinese Dragon.

 Share about the music you grew up with through the app “Musically Singaporean: Journeying through 50 years of Singaporean Music”, which traces the development of Singapore’s popular music from the 1960s to present day. Listen to familiar tunes and sing along with your child to current songs and those of yesteryears.

We hope these ideas will bring parents many hours of memory-making with your children. Do share this email with the parent volunteers in your school and we wish you an enjoyable and wonderful holiday!

Article on Parent-Child Bonding Tips


No matter how busy we are, it is important that we prioritize and make efforts to spend quality time with our children. Retired Principal Mrs Jenny Yeo shares tips on how to bond with your child. Click on the image to read the article.

Visit ‘The Future of Us’ Exhibition


The ‘Future of Us’ exhibition is an immersive and multi-sensory experience that offers a glimpse into the possibilities of how Singaporeans can live, work, play and learn in the future. The exhibition will call on Singaporeans to share their hopes and dreams for themselves, their family and the nation, and to participate in steering the Singapore journey towards the future.
Exhibition Duration:
The exhibition is open now till 8 March 2016, and from 9am to 9pm daily (last entry is at 8.30pm)
30 Marina Boulevard (near Bayfront MRT Station)
Admission is FREE. Visit the website for more information. 

Visit ‘Monsters of the Sea’ Exhibition

monster of the sea.JPG

If you are keen to learn more about sea creatures, head down to the ‘Monsters of the Sea’ exhibition at the Science Centre. You can explore how they adapt to the living conditions in the vast uncharted ocean and get insights on some of the most well-known mythical creatures like the Kraken, Loch Ness Monster and Chinese Dragon.
Exhibition Duration:
The exhibition is open now till 28 February 2016, from 10am to 6pm daily.
The Annexe, Science Centre
Admission charges apply. Visit the website for more information.

Reader's Theatre Workshop for Children


Spark an enthusiasm for reading in your child through this workshop. Your child will practise reading their play aloud to emphasise important passages of the text being read. They will also develop fluency in their reading to help them understand what they read. 
Workshop Duration:
The workshop runs from 13 March to 17 March 2016, 10.30am to 12.30pm.
Marine Parade Public Library, Programme Zone
Admission is FREE. Registration is required. Please register here.

Musically Singaporean

singapore music.JPG

Musically Singaporean: Journeying though 50 years of Singaporean Music is a celebration of Singapore popular music from the 1960s to the present.
It traces the development of local popular hits with snapshots of original songs across diverse genres. In addition, it facilitates the learning of basic song-writing concepts through interactive activities, drawing inspirations from local song examples. The app culminates with a song-writing experience that promotes self-expression and creativity.
Key Features:
  • Trail: Learn about the songs, the musicians and the places of interaction between musicians and the community.
  • Songwriter: Use the backing tracks in the Songwriter to create accompaniments, sing-a-long and record songs with the backing tracks.
  • Songwriting Lessons: Learn about the basics of song-writing through a series of interactive lessons and receive song-writing advice from our featured musicians.
The app is available for free download on mobile devices from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Thank you for your efforts in strengthening and promoting school-home-community collaborations in your role as a Parent Support Group member. We look forward to your continued support in this meaningful partnership of nurturing the next generation.