8-Oct-2018 (Mon) Junyuan Primary School - 30th Anniversary Carnival

Junyuan Primary School Carnival commemorative cards will be available for purchase on the actual day itself at $22 per card. Each card will have a stored-value of $20. All transactions for the event will be via commemorative cards only.

29-Aug-2018 (Wed) Tiny Moments that Matter


Excited about Teachers’ Day? We’re all ready to celebrate our teachers too!

MOE is organising a contest for Teachers’ Day and want to hear how the little moments spent with your teacher have inspired you. The best stories will be turned into an illustration and the winners will receive a copy of the illustration! 


Here’s how you can share your story:

1. Write your story in a FB/IG post within 100 words

2. Add the hashtag #TinyMoments2018 and make your post public so that we can read it.

(Terms and conditions: http://bit.ly/TinyMoments2018 )

You can also view it in our FB Page:



Click here to view the poster.


19-Jul-2018 (Thu) Internet & Gaming. How Much is Enough?

Dear Parents,

Have you ever felt that your child is constantly online and frequently playing games on their phones, tablets and/or laptops? Or perhaps, they are online for far too long?

The upcoming workshop may just be your answer.


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5-Jul-2018 (Thu) MOE's Seminar on “Preparing Your Child’s Transition to Secondary School”

Dear Parents,

Your child taking PSLE.
Your child is showing signs of stress.

You want to support your child.

. . . But you don't know how?? . . .

Why not sign up for the upcoming Seminar organised by MOE?

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