23-Jul-2018 (Mon) Edusave Character Award (ECHA)

Dear Parents,

The nomination for Edusave Character Award (ECHA) is now open.


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19-Jul-2018 (Thu) Internet & Gaming. How Much is Enough?

Dear Parents,

Have you ever felt that your child is constantly online and frequently playing games on their phones, tablets and/or laptops? Or perhaps, they are online for far too long?

The upcoming workshop may just be your answer.


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5-Jul-2018 (Thu) MOE's Seminar on “Preparing Your Child’s Transition to Secondary School”

Dear Parents,

Your child taking PSLE.
Your child is showing signs of stress.

You want to support your child.

. . . But you don't know how?? . . .

Why not sign up for the upcoming Seminar organised by MOE?

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