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Department Vision

Critical Thinkers, Creative Problem-Solvers


The primary objective for the teaching and learning of Mathematics in schools is to equip all students with a broad and firm foundation of knowledge and skills in Mathematics. The central focus of the Mathematics programme is problem solving. Excellence in Mathematics has its anchor in problem solving which includes using and applying Mathematics in practical task in real-life problems and within Mathematics itself. These are valued in everyday living and in the workplace. Mathematics is also a subject of enjoyment and excitement, which offers students opportunities for creative work. When ideas are discovered and insights gained, students are spurred to pursue Mathematics beyond the classroom walls. 


Enrichment Activities
The enrichment programmes/activities aim to improve students’ understanding of Mathematics concepts through the following:

  1. Help students acquire, refine, extend or apply Mathematics concepts that are aligned to the   school syllabus.
  2. Help students be aware of and develop a set of good habits of mind.
  3. Help students acquire a set of thinking skills and problem-solving heuristics.
  4. Make learning enjoyable.

      • STAR HPack (P1-6)
      • Maths Collaborative Lessons (P1-6)
      • Maths Self Directed Learning Lessons (P1-6)
      • Olympiad Training (P3-5)
      • Singapore and Asian Schools Maths Olympiads (P3-6)
      • National University of Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (P5)
      • Raffles institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (P5-6)
      • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (P5-6)
      • Maths Quest Zone Activities (P1-6) 

Maths Reinforcement Programmes/Activities
Mathematics is a hierarchical subject, where higher concepts and skills are built upon the more foundational ones. It is important that students are grounded in the basic concepts so as to be better prepared for learning of concepts of a higher level.

      • Learning Support for Maths (P1 & 2)
      • Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) (P3-5)
      • Factual Fluency (P1-6)
      • TP-BP Mentoring Programme (P2-6)
      • Collaborative Remediation in Maths (CRIM) (P2)
      • Timed Revision (P5 & 6)
      • Maths Catch up Programme (P6)

Competition results

  • 2017 Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) Results
1Ryan Goh Choon Aik
2Gong Rui Chao4CGold
3 Low Li Yu 4R3 Gold 
4 Russell Kan Zhen Zhi 6E Silver
 5 Boy Kwang Gee  5R2 Silver
6 Jeremy Chin Wei Jie 5I Silver
7Seow Ern Xin   4R3  Silver
8 Liew Wei Cheng 4R3  Silver
 9  Lee Yu Shuen Treena4C Silver
 10  Riodan Toh Hong Wei 4C  Silver
11 Nigel Ting Xuan Fu4C  Silver 
12 Xiong Jun Han 6E  Bronze
13 Koh Yan Chen Ivan 5R2  Bronze 
14 Rayan Lee Yi Jie 4C Bronze
15 Mia Tan Yun Xin 4C Bronze
 16  Lee Chan Yik 4R3  Bronze 

  • 2017 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools Results
1Xiong Junhan6EBronze

  • 2017 National Mathematical Olympiad for Singapore (NMOS) Results
1Ryan Goh Choon Aik5R2Silver
2 Boy Kwang Gee5R2 Silver 

  • 2017 10th Annual Mathlympics (ACS(I)) Results

1Ryan Goh Choon Aik5R2Silver
 2 Boy Kwang Gee5R2 Bronze
 3 Jeremy Chin Wei Jie 5I Bronze
 4 Gong Rui Chao 4C Bronze

Maths Quest Zone Activities

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Activity-Based Lessons

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4 (478x640).jpg5 (640x360).jpg
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Math & Science Innovation Fair

Math Workshop for Parents