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Primary 1

Instructions for Home-based Learning (HBL)
Dear Students,
Please click on the link for your class. You will be able to access the daily guide for your HBL. Dofollow your daily guide and access the lesson materials for the relevant subject within the day. The online materials will only be uploaded by 8a.m. on the scheduled date of HBL.

How to Access Your Daily Lessons
1. Log into your account for Student Learning Space (SLS)
2. Search for the lessons for the day (Please refer to the Daily Guide)
For example, if you have English lesson that day, you are expected to:
      • Go into SLS, retrieve your lesson posted by your English Teacher
      • Download the Lesson Guide for English Language.
      • Follow the instructions in the Lesson Guide, work on your English Language lesson.
Submit any necessary work according to your teacher’s instructions.

Enjoy the learning!