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Sepak Takraw

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Junyuan Primary’s Sepak Takraw Team has been a mainstay powerhouse in the Nationals Primary School Championship since the team was formed. Lead by Coach Said, the boys are put through physical, skills-based and mental exercises in the training to prepare and mould them into pupils of excellence, resilience in their tasks, to be responsible CCA members and respectful players with integrity.

Pic 2_Cheering us on!.jpg

Cheering us on!

Pic 3_FOCUS!! For Junyuan!!.jpg

FOCUS!! For Junyuan!!

Pic 4_Every point counts!.jpg

Every point counts!



  • National 2nd Place
  • Inter-Quad Regu Fiesta 1st Place


  • National Quarterfinalist


  • National 2nd Place
  • Inter-Quad Re Fiesta 1st Place


Dates:   Every Wednesday 2.15pm to 5.15pm
              Every Friday 1.15pm to 4.15pm

Name of Teachers IC and Email Contact:

Mr Ling Wei Yong                Email:  ling_wei_yong@moe.edu.sg
Miss Nadhirah Yusope        Email:  nadhirah_yusope@moe.edu.sg
Miss Jalilah Jalihan             Email:  jalilah_jalihan@moe.edu.sg