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Principal's Message


Welcome to Junyuan Primary School!

As we welcome our pioneer cohort of children to the MOE Kindergarten@Junyuan, we are excited and honoured to have the opportunity to nurture every child in a vibrant and caring environment where their talents bloom.
We believe that every child is uniquely talented, with the ability to learn and grow to his or her fullest potential to succeed in life. It is our collective vision to see them grow as Future-Ready Learners as they experience their formative years in Junyuan – self-directed in the way they learn and developing the ability to communicate their thinking clearly and confidently. In the design of our curriculum, we will continue taking a future-focused orientation to infuse critical and creative thinking as well as life skills in our lessons and programmes. In fostering a passion for lifelong learning, we will explore ways to inculcate motivation and the joy of learning as part of the schooling experience. 

Equally important is the character and leadership development that will serve as anchors for each child as he or she navigates through a future that will be dotted with both exciting opportunities and unknown challenges. The children will experience a co-curriculum intentionally designed to develop them holistically within a caring and inclusive environment centred on positive teacher-pupil and peer relationships that support learning and well-being. Our hope is to see them grow and glow into adaptable individuals and gracious citizens.

We have added confidence that our children can, and will bloom in their years in Junyuan and beyond as we witnessed how they have grown through the challenges of the pandemic, individually and as a community, with resilience and fortitude. With the dedication and professionalism of our staff, and the commitment of our parents and stakeholders, we will continue to work on laying the strong foundations our children need to chase their dreams.

Wishing everyone a healthy 2022!

Chan Weng Cheong